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Student Testimonials

"Just a quick note to say a BIG thank you for running such a smooth day on Tuesday, I could definitely feel the change at the end of the day, going faster, more stable and burning less rubber! Thumbs up guys, amazing work. I now regret that I didn’t do lvl 1 & 2 back to back so I could do 3 & 4 when you put on another training session..."


"The last two days were brilliant. The whole programme was well run and I got a massive lift in awareness, skills and confidence. Please advise when and where the next course will be run."


"Just wanted to thank you for an awesome event you held in Taupo. I attended level 1&2 and the information and experienced I gained throughout the course completely improved my riding style (not a riding style that works for someone else). The theory lessons were interesting and straight to the point and the practical sessions (apart from lots of fun) were excellent, especially receiving great feedback from the coaches. Your team was excellent!

I cannot wait till you guys are back so I can attend level 3&4. Do you have a scheduled date yet?

Many Thanks Again,"


"The two days at Taupo were great. It exceeded my expectations on all fronts. I'm presently occupied with the Nationals but please reserve both days for me for a week or two until I get home and can process confirmation / payment. Levels 3 & 4."


"Thank YOU for the excellent event. It was one of the most professionally run days I have ever attended. Look forward to attending the two days in November. If you could please reserve a place for me in level 3 and 4. I understand payment is required first and will do so in the coming months well prior to the event.

See you guys out on the track sometime."


"Absolutely brilliant 2 days….worlds apart from anything else I’ve seen in NZ…pleasure to have experienced…looking forward to practicing our learned skills…..eagerly awaiting levels 3 & 4…!"